Six Day Trips from Cancun

Six Day Trips from Cancun


Enjoy one of the finest tourist destinations in the Western Hemisphere with a holiday to Cancun. Developed especially to cater to holiday-makers, Cancun is something of a tourist Mecca and is full to bursting with first-class attractions, world-class hotels, and unbeatable natural beauty. Found on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula on the Caribbean coast, Cancun offers the archetypal beachfront paradise. White sands, turquoise water, blue skies, and lush greenery combine to offer a tropical wonderland like no other.

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Thanks to its popularity with tourists, there are plenty of things to enjoy beyond just sitting on the beach with a cocktail (though there’s nothing wrong with that!). The region is rich in ancient Mayan heritage and has a number of unique geological features that reward discovery. It also boasts a unique and vibrant culture and a friendly hospitable people. In short: A trip to Cancun offers as much or as little adventure as you want. To help inspire you to visit this magical part of the world we’ve compiled six of the top locations you should visit on your stay.

Isla Mujeres

          Literally translated as the Isle of the Women, Isla Mujeres is a tranquil tropical island within site of the high-rise hotels of Cancun. Offering a slower paced experience than Cancun, it still has all the amenities needed for an invigorating holiday. The waters around the island offer some of the finest in the region for snorkeling and scuba diving, and the reputation of its beaches stretch far beyond its shores. Make sure and visit Playa Norte beach, long considered one of Mexico’s finest.

Isla Contoy

         Only a few miles and a world away from the hubbub of Zona Hotelera is the beautiful wildlife preserve of Isla Contoy. One of the most important bird habitats in all of Mexico, the island is a quiet oasis of the natural world, that combines its unique flora and fauna with stunning surroundings to create a magical island. Visitors numbers are limited but tours do run regularly letting you experience this slice of natural life for yourself.

The Cenotes

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          Discover sacred portals to the underworld by visiting the cenotes. These sinkholes take the form of beautiful natural swimming pools. Found in the porous limestone across the Yucatan, the cenotes were revered by the ancient Mayans and remain popular with locals and visitors alike. With lush green surroundings and crystal blue waters, the cenotes are found all across the region and there are many tours available letting you experience them for yourself.


Take a day trip from Cancun and enjoy the most scenic stretch of the Yucatan coast. Tulum offers picture postcard views thanks to its mix of ancient Mayan ruins, lush vegetation, blue sea, and white sand. The area is a popular tourist haunt in its own right, so also has all the amenities you could need for any length of stay.

Chitchen Itza

Top Things to do in Riviera Maya, Mexico >> A Mini Guide for your Next Trip |

          The most famous Mayan ruin in the Yucatan, Chichen Itza offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of pre-Colombian Mexico. The site covers a large area and has numerous historical sites that are sure to fascinate and amaze, the highlight of which is the breath-taking El Castillo pyramid. Guided tours are available and its location makes it the perfect place to take a day trip to visit from Cancun.


         Isla Cozumel is the largest of Mexico’s Caribbean islands and in many ways embodies the best of both of Mexico and the Caribbean. With a much more relaxed vibe than you will find on the mainland, Cozumel offers a tourist experience that feels much more authentic. While it is a popular destination, it has managed to resist over development.
As with Isla Mujeres, the Cozumel’s waters are clear and warm offering excellent diving. It’s also a rewarding place to discover above sea level too. The coastal road offers a wonderful way to escape it all and take in the beauty of the island’s windswept coast. While less developed than Tulum or Cancun, the main town still has all the amenities you need, and offers a great way to spend a few days on a holiday to Cancun.
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