How to Experience a New Side of New York Every Time You Visit

How to Experience a New Side of New York Every Time You Visit


If you’re not from New York, and you don’t travel there on business, you’ll have to make it a destination priority on your travel calendar. Despite being just one of many worthy cities to earn your travel days, the Big Apple has flair, sophistication, charm, and variety not seen anywhere else in the world. It’s worth making New York City a frequent priority, because each time you visit, it’s possible to see a different side of this world-famous metropolis. There’s truly something for everyone when it comes to NYC. Here is how to squeeze something new out of it every time you manage to get there.

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Living on the Cheap

Despite the glamor and sophistication that you might see viewing New York City through the lens of a Woody Allen movie, there are plenty of ways to live in New York without having to spend like you’re a member of the 1% (and this goes for people who happen to be part of the 1%, also). Small neighborhoods and communities dot the landscape in New York’s sprawling avenues. Many of these identify with immigrant groups who moved there in years or generations past, often having to provide bare-bones accommodations for community members who had not yet assimilated to this new American culture they now called home. Because of this, many inexpensive remnants remain, including culinary offerings and lodging which will fit the budget of just about any visitor.


Of course, New York is an ideal place to splurge, if splurge you must. Between Broadway, some of the world’s best restaurants, legendary performance spaces, and some of your favorite sports franchises, there are plenty of ways to spend money in New York City. Of course, your dollars will pay off in an experience that couldn’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. Click through for passes to attractions in New York. Maybe you’ll score deep discounts in an attraction you’ve been dying to experience for your whole life!


Why overcomplicate things? New York has some of the best events for sight-seers anywhere. Check out the famous documentary The Cruise to see some world-class tour guide action, still available to NYC visitors today. Even if you choose to guide your own tour, New York has so many architectural and cultural wonders that you can’t possibly go wrong. America has true “old” cities, compared to European countries. But after nearly four centuries in action, New York City has developed some true character, to rival other romantic worldwide destinations like Paris or Milan.

As you can see, there is much more than one way to enjoy New York. You can also feel free to deviate from these general plans. If you have strong interests (in modern music, Renaissance art, or foodie foodstuffs), you can be sure that there is plenty in New York to scratch the itch. Spend just a couple hours researching your areas of interest in New York, and you’ll soon find a lifetime of events and attractions, for any timeframe or budget.

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