6 Things to Do in Amsterdam with Locals

6 Things to Do in Amsterdam with Locals


Ever wish you had a local friend to take you around and show you the hidden gems of a city?  Are you traveling solo anytime soon and are agitated at the fact that you’ll most likely be wandering around lonely and (probably) aimlessly?

Does exploring with someone who knows the ins and outs of a particular city seem appealing to you?  Of course it does!  Consider booking a tour of Amsterdam with a new travel company I just discovered – withLocals – yes, you read that right!  You’ll have those who know the city best show you around.  There are just so many things to see in Amsterdam you won’t want to miss!

1. Get Off the Beaten Track

On this 3 hour tour, you’ll eat dishes from different cultures, explore parts of the city tourists have no idea about, and learn how to take public transportation within the city.  Do stroopwafels, Turkish Pizza, and even possibly smoke a Shisha tickle your fancy?  Your guide will tell you all about the interesting habits of the Dutch society, and you might even hear some loud Caribbean and Reggae music in the summer!

2. Eat Dinner in a Houseboat

dutch apple pie amsterdam

What’s more Dutch than eating dinner in a houseboat on the canal?!  Anyone care for a fresh, home-cooked meal while away on vacation? I know I do.  Join the host for a cozy and memorable meal with her husband, and lots of food specialities.  Depending on the weather you can either eat outside on the floating terrace (!!!) or inside by the fire.  The host prepares a four-course meal just for your group, so you can be sure the entire evening is personalized.  Plus, dessert!

3. Go on an Instagram Tour

Because what’s cooler than traversing the city with a local who knows all the best possible spots for Instagram and beyond?  Learn tips from a pro on growing your instagram following and how to improve your photography skills as well.  And best of all, smart phones and DSLRs all welcome!  Capture the life of the streets of Amsterdam and relax with a drink at the end of the tour.  You’ve deserved it!

4. Tour the Red Light District


According to the host, The Red Light District is one of the most interesting and beautiful neighborhoods in the world, but has a bad reputation.  It became his mission to show visitors the many beautiful sides of the area.  And how can you visit Amsterdam without a quick peek at a former window brothel and coffee shop?  On this short 1-hour jaunt, you’ll see the oldest building in town, the place where Rembrandt got married, as well as many other historic sights.

5. Cruise on the Canal


Any trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without a cruise on one of the citie’s famous canals.  Feel like a true local cruising through the old city during the summer, wind in your hair, glass of lemonade in hand.  Tapas and beer/wine are also available – just be sure to contact the host!  Even better- the captain is a real Venetian gondolier and will maneuver you along the most scenic spots!

6. Marvel at the Architecture


Amsterdam is full of interesting architecture, and what better way than to explore the nooks and crannies with a local?!  The Eastern Docklands is a fascinating place – spend the afternoon snapping away on your camera with a local photographer!  But first, enjoy a meal and have a chat!

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