7 (Absolutely) Free Things to Do in ANY City

7 (Absolutely) Free Things to Do in ANY City


Budget travelers, take notice! Today, with a little bit of help from the super awesome Travel Ticker site (the one where you can book hotels a lot cheaper!), I am going to share my personal favorite seven absolutely free things you can do in every city around the globe! These things will let you explore the city as much as you want, learn about the culture, meet new people, and most importantly, that won’t require a dime! And that is all what a frugal traveler like you and I can ever want, am I right?

Take a Tour of Churches and Cathedrals

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If you are visiting a city that is old and has a great history (like Guatemala), visit the city’s churches and cathedrals! Take a tour by yourself (to save money), and you’ll learn about it and also gaze your eyes upon some architectural masterpieces. No matter where you are traveling to – EuropeAsia, Central America, etc there always are some religious sites that are usually free to visit, and you should totally take advantage! Some churches even let you walk in, so you can see the gorgeous interiors as well. Just be respectful of religions and sometimes be ready to cover yourself up before entering a temple (for example, in Muslim countries).

Visiting Free Museums and Galleries

emp museum seattle
Of course, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit museums and galleries on their free visit days. Make sure to check the websites to find out when these days or nights are free! Or, you can even do a little research and visit museums that are free all the time, like the Natural History Museum and the Tate Modern museums in London! Either way you choose, visiting museums and galleries will gift you a chance to learn something new and gaze your eyes upon incredible interior as well. So it is a win-win for sure!

Go on a Free Walking Tour with a Local

Of course, we can’t talk about free activities to do in a city and not mention free walking tours! Especially because in almost every city, you can find a free tour (sometimes you just need to do a little hunting online). Usually, they are hosted by aspiring tour guides, or just local volunteers, who can show you many great and obscure places around town, and share some pretty amazing and unique stores. But there is one thing you should remember. Make sure you tip your guide! So don’t forget to show your gratitude and tip your local guide a bit.  Check out Sandemans New Europe for some great FREE tours in a bunch of cities!

Explore Local Markets

goods guatemala
Sometimes the best place to see the spirit of the city and the people who live there is the most dynamic one. Yes, I am totally talking about local markets! In these markets, you won’t only get an excellent chance to see how locals live, but also get an opportunity to buy a few kind of cool souvenirs as well. Moreover, it is pretty entertaining to see how that hornets’ nest is working, and how people try to bargain or how salespeople try to lure people to buy their stuff. Also, it is worth mentioning that the more exotic country you are in, the more interesting local markets are too. And, let’s not forget that usually such markets start pretty early, so if you want to see the real essence of it, don’t oversleep!

Take a Stroll in a Park

crescent bay point park
If you are traveling during the warm season, you can also take a little tour at city’s biggest parks. Visiting parks are always free, no matter where you are traveling to, and sometimes such parks are breathtaking to look at as well (like the one above in Southern California!). Furthermore, some parks, like Central Park in New York, are the real core of the city. So if you just spend half a day and have lunch there, you will see the actual essence of the city and won’t spend hundreds on a fancy dinner with a view of the park.

Have a Blast at Local Festivals

Another way to spend a few fun hours for cheap? Visit a local festival or carnival and just party! This is a great chance to meet some new people, see how locals really celebrate some traditional events, and just be a part of a huge crowd and have fun! During such festivals, you can check out many free performances around, so the entertainment is guaranteed for sure without spending a dime. Although, remember that during massive traditional festivals, prices on hotel rooms and even food raise in price. So, just be prepared for that!

Watch the Sunset


Kind of obvious, but we always forget to set a few minutes aside each night to watch the sun setting.  Stoke out a spot, bring a picnic blanket, and soak it all in.  This sunset in Santorini just couldn’t be beat.  And the best part? It was totally free!

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