3 Top European Countries for a Walking and Cycling Holiday

3 Top European Countries for a Walking and Cycling Holiday


There are a lot of great things about experiencing a walking and cycling holiday. From exploring nature, to getting fit, to experiencing things on your own terms, the list of benefits is seemingly endless. Perhaps the biggest drawback of taking a trip of this kind is actually deciding on where you want to go. With so many options available to you, and so many regions offering great facilities for walkers and cyclists alike, it can be tough to make any kind of decision.
Here we take a look at three European destinations then, in the hope that these suggestions help deliver some much needed assistance.
Experiencing a walking and cycling tour in France is definitely something every holidaymaker should try and do once in their life. From the rolling countryside of Normandy and the north to the beaches and forests of Biarritz, this country is as diverse as it gets. With plenty of trails, routes and roads dedicated to cycling and walking, France makes for even more of a classic trip when you combine the quaint villages you’ll pass through, the cuisine on offer and the number of accommodation options you have at your disposal. Camping is another great advantage of planning an outdoor adventure in France, as the country is home to thousands of sites all with top of the range facilities.
United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is another amazing pick for a walking and cycling tour in Europe. From the seaside towns and villages of Devon and Cornwall, to the peaks and lakes of the Lake District and Peak District, it’s hard to find a richer walking and cycling experience anywhere else on Earth. Perhaps not as cheap as other European destinations, there are still many pull factors held by the United Kingdom, not least its cultural and historical attractions (many of which are free) as well as its range of accommodation, cafes and restaurants.
Spain is perhaps home to one of the most famous walking and cycling trails in the world; the camino. With routes starting as far afield as France and the southern tip of Spain, all roads lead to Santiago de Compostela with the way being amazingly signposted and catered for. Elsewhere in Spain however you also have excellent cycling and walking right outside of the capital Madrid, thanks to the routes in Cercedilla, not to mention urban walking and cycling tours in cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and beyond.
Spain Bike Trip_85
Europe has many amazing destinations to experience a walking and cycling trip like no other. Whether you pip for one of these three options or decide to explore somewhere entirely new, you won’t be hard pressed to find a country on this continent that doesn’t welcome you or your preferred holiday pastime. Just remember to check your tires or walking boots beforehand.

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