Giving our Wallets a Break in Sint Maarten

Giving our Wallets a Break in Sint Maarten

Phew, are you tired yet?  Because we were.  After 3 days of banana ketchup on St. Lucia, stunning views (and cows!) on Barbados, and exploring fortresses on St. Kitts, it was time for a beach break.  Which worked our perfectly because this break was necessary for our wallets as well.
We started out the day doing a little shopping near the port, which we quickly discovered was a bunch of touristy items- hats, shirts, prints (some which were very beautiful).  After what I remember being just a few minutes, this became boring/exhausting/ughh most likely due to the extreme heat.  

The views nearby were pretty nice, as well as the random waterfall we encountered (which provided a nice breeze of misty air).

We headed straight to the beach after that.  And didn’t look back.  After a few days running around the other islands, we needed a well-deserved break.
Don’t leave Sint Maarten without having a few of their Carib Lagers, the most widely available and quintessential beach beer in Sint Maarten.  Light, crisp, and refreshing, drop a lime in and it’ll beat Corona any day.  Voted as one of the 5 best Caribbean Beers, you’ll be sorry if you don’t have at least a few.
Also, don’t miss out on Maho Beach, where you can lay on your beach towel and watch the planes overhead.  We, unfortunately, did not have time.  

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  • Katie says:

    St. Maarten is my favorite place! I go every year! Too bad you missed Maho-It truly is hilarious/frightening/amazing all at the same time. The best is when people stand right behind the plane engines and get blown back into the water! Cheers!