Parasailing in Punta Cana: A Birds Eye View

Parasailing in Punta Cana: A Birds Eye View

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We forced ourselves out of the abyss we had put ourselves in on the beach in order to see Punta Cana from above: we went parasailing!

Imagine being raised 150 feet up in the air, wind hitting your face, and the beautiful Caribbean ocean under your feet giving you a spectacular tropical island view.  Yes, it’s that good.  We felt like we were in the clouds.  And actually, we kinda were.

It was a great way to see the coastline, definitely the best views of Punta Cana/Bavaro.  Thankfully it doesn’t take much skill.  Basically, the men strap you into the  harness, attach you to the parachute, and up you go.  Easy as that.  Since our parasail was secured to a speed boat, the driver of the boat had full control of how fast and how high we ended up going.  Once we started rising off the ground (from the boat), we were greeted with 70km of white sand, palm trees, and turquoise waters.  Definitely an amazing experience we were able to share together, since we had decided to go up tandem style.  Wish it lasted a bit longer, as it felt that once we rose to the highest point, we came right back down.  The whole experience up in the air lasted just about 12 minutes I’m guessing.  


The experience on the speed boat was a whole other thing.  Super choppy waters, with water splashing us the whole way.  I thought I was going to fall out of the boat (no joke)- good thing they made us wear life jackets!  I was actually more nervous getting out into the water on the boat than during the actual “flight” on our parasail.  

If you want a fantastic experience that you will never forget, just go to the beach and you will find someone selling it.  There are companies every where up and down the beach.

We came down in one piece (well two pieces) with big happy smiles on our faces.

The weather was amazing. 7 days of sun, temps consistently 83. It only rained a couple of times in the evening for approximately 10 min. Bring plenty of sunscreen. 

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