do true vacations really exist?

do true vacations really exist?

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My last post has really got me thinking- would one rather spend ample time planning in order to lavish in all the excitement that a city has to offer, or just lay back, relax, and see where each day takes us.

A majority of us spend months and months planning our perfect trip; haggling with travel agents for better deals and incentives, researching the hot-spots of a particular city in mind, and even all those necessities of protecting our home lives.  Holding the mail/newspaper, setting timers for lights, finding a dog-sitter to watch precious pups, and even sometimes figuring out how just-planted flowers will be watered.

…but is that really a vacation at all?  Or just merely a trip?  I know the saying goes that getting there is half the fun, but is it really?   Trying to decide which all-inclusive to stay at while websites each promise different amenities.  Remembering to pack that umbrella juuuust in case mother nature brings rain upon us.  Car service picking you up too late.  Shuffling around your messy suitcase to find and squeeze all your liquids into a forgotten plastic bag at the airport security- just to have them taken away because your mini shampoo is still over 3.0 ounces.  Flight delays, missing luggage, lost confirmations, the list goes on.  Can a “trip” ever really be a “vacation” with all the stresses that come with traveling?

I know, I know.  You’re thinking- how can you not be relaxed laying on a white-sanded beach with a drink in hand under a palm tree?  Trust me, that does relax me.  That would relax anyone.  But only for so long.  Then I get antsy.

I find true ‘vacations’ are hard to come by, at least in my case.  When I am in a city I have never seen before, I like to be out and about; sitting around at the park for hours or even laying on a chaise at the beach doesn’t do it for me.  I like to see as much as I possibly can in order to soak it all in.  I want to try all the food, photograph all the sights, do some activity I could not do elsewhere.  But that sometimes backfires on me and I wind up rather rundown, hot, and tired.  I found I need to discover a good balance of relaxation and “running” while at my given destination.  We’ll see when the two balance themselves out.  Unfortunately, not any time soon, I presume.

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