100th Post = Some new additions to the Blog!

100th Post = Some new additions to the Blog!

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In honor of my 100th post on A Passion and A Passport – (wow 100, already?!), I have decided to introduce two new series…

Top Ten Tuesday.  Each and every week a new country or city will be featured, with either the top ten things to do, or the top 10 foods not to be missed.  If you have complete wanderlust like me, these will be a valuable tool in the future when planning your dream trip!  Might as well get advice from travelers who have already been there, right?!   RIGHT!


48 Hour Friday.  Guest writers will say how they would spend 48 hours in their favorite city.  What activities they would do, what/where they would explore, foods they would eat, etc, all in a time span of only 2 short days.  Hey, maybe I’ll even chime in every now and then!

Can you tell I just love cupcakes?! Haha.

These two series will not only bring plenty more valuable information to the site, but will also be a fun addition to the blog!  Both series will be featured on the top of the blog so they are easily accessible to all.  Fun fun fun!

If you would like to participate in either (or both) series, please e-mail me at apassionandapassport@gmail.com to discuss further details!
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