10 Things to do in Thailand: The Land of Smiles

10 Things to do in Thailand: The Land of Smiles

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Thailand is a place I’ve been dreaming of going. I can just see the gorgeous blue beaches in my sleep night after night. After reading through Hannah and Adam’s guest post, I know now I will have to make my dream a reality sooner than later.

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Check out their list of top 10 things to do, see, and eat in the land of smiles.

1. Street food

Nothing says Thailand like street food. You can find any exotic item you can think of on the streets of Thailand. There is much more to Thai food than just Pad Thai, and it doesn’t get any more authentic than sampling from the street.

If you ask 50 people what their favorite thai dish is, you will probably get 50 different answers. On our last trip to Thailand, we fell in love with Pork Ball Noodle soup. Yum.
2. Bangkok

The hustle and bustle of this major South East Asian city is a must. Some people mistakenly land here and head straight out of town, but if you are heading to Thailand give Bangkok a chance you might just fall in love with the city!

Bangkok is home to several important historical sites, all worth a couple hours of your travel time. You can peer into Thai culture with a visit to Grand Palace or Wat Poo.

Just to the north of the historical sites sits a section of town which is easily the backpacker capital of the world in Kaho San road. Here you can find a good amount of fun bars and restaurants with a bit more western food on the menu. It’s less of a true Thai experience here but usually a good time.

Another part of town worth exploring is the slightly more upscale on Sukhumvit road. Here and in the Siam Square area you can find some of the city’s best shopping.

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3. The islands Most people coming to Thailand are coming because of the beautiful islands scattered just of its shores. They have been the backdrops for many Hollywood movies, and are even more stunning in person.

Koh Phi Phi islands were made famous through the movie “The Beach”. These islands are formed from limestone cliffs that look to just shoot out of the turquoise waters. Make sure to hike to the viewpoint during your trip for a panoramic view of the island. Ferries are available from Phuket or Karabi. Koh Phi Phi Don is the main resort area for the cluster of islands, with day trips available to the nearby Maya Bay where the movie was shot.

North of Phuket and adman sea lie another group of islands that were featured in the James Bond movie “The Man With The Golden Gun”. You will be sure to recognize the shear cliffs and bright blue/green waters on Khao Phing Kan, which everyone simply calls the James Bond Islands.

source: flickr CC djsamuelson
4. Diving The turquoise water is not just pretty from the top, the waters are also filled with amazing marine life.

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5. Markets
A great place to find some true Thai culture is to head to the market place. Markets worth a visit are the Daemon Sudoku floating market, which are a bit touristy but still cool to see. The Chatuchak market is one of the city’s largest, but are open weekends only. Another interesting one to try is The Train Market, open daily, make sure to see the train come through!6. Thai iced coffee

Coffee blended with sweetend and condensed milk, sugar and ice make for a great way to start your day or an afternoon pick-me-up. Available all over the streets and markets for 15B ($0.50usd). Awesome!

7. Curries

Red, Yellow, Green, and everything in between, the curries of south Thailand are not to be missed. Every color has its own flavor and are served with chicken, crab and shrimp with a bed of jasmine rice. I don’t care how good your Thai restraint is at home, it will taste better in Thailand!

source: flickr CC matias.dutto

8. The beaches

Thailand has 3,219 miles (5,150km) of coast line, with many frequenting the world’s best beaches lists.

9. The people

They call Thailand the land of a thousand smiles for a reason. 🙂

10. Temples

Culture and history buffs can fill days with the numerous beautiful sites throughout the country.

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