10 Things to Do in Ireland – Some Amazing Irish Experiences

10 Things to Do in Ireland – Some Amazing Irish Experiences

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While the recent economic woes and the defeat of the Celtic Tiger might be bad for locals, it has opened up opportunities to travel affordably through Ireland. Prices are lower than they were 5, or even 10 years ago, and the crowds haven’t increased. Now is the time to discover Ireland – and there’s something for everyone!

1. Visit Dublin’s Historic Abbey Theatre: Born of the Gaelic Revival, this legendary venue is now Ireland’s National Theatre, offering world class productions alongside homegrown talent. Search their website to find preview and early bird prices and you can save 50% or more. Learn more about this fine institution.

  2. Take Part in A Taste of Dublin: Irish cuisine is so much more than stew and soda bread and A Taste of Dublin lets you really sink your teeth into the new, cosmopolitan flavors of the city. Take advantage Dublin’s fine restaurants, markets, cafes, and microbreweries.

3. Tour the Guinness Storehouse: Sure, this is a touristy recommendation. I’ve been there twice and loved it – and I hate beer! The history of Guinness production is fascinating, from how the hops are selected to how the barrels are formed. A captivating advertising display is an entertaining crash course in Irish political history.
4. Visit Jerpoint Abbey:  Just outside of Thomastown and quite close to Killkenny, Jerpoint Abbey is the well preserved ruins of a Cistercian abbey founded in the second half of the 12th century. Come here to get a real appreciation for the unique history of religious life, architectural design, and literary tradition that has done so much to form Ireland’s identity.
5.  Visit the Blarney stone: You’ll love it! Arrive early in the morning, before the worst of the crowds, and give yourself extra time to explore the surrounding grounds. In my opinion, the nooks and crannies of the castle gardens are the best part of the attraction.
6. Visit the communities of Baltimore, Schull, and Cape Clear Island: You can take the ferry from Baltimore, across to Cape Clear Island, and then back to Schull. Small town, big heart Ireland at its best, with rugged coastal scenery that you’ll love. Schull’s planetarium and observatory will make a nice break from history and landscapes and will give you an evening activity other than the pub (in case you needed a change!)
7. Want more time in the pubs after all? Visit Limerick! This once gritty town has a thriving university and literary scene and the pub scene is friendly, lively, and musically inclined.
8.  Visit the Aran Islands: Get in touch with old, authentic Ireland by spending a few days on the Aran Islands. John Millington Synge found the inspiration for his greatest masterpieces here and it would be hard not to find creative inspiration for any writer, poet, playwright, painter, or sketcher.
9. Skip Galway – in favor of Sligo and Donegal. Galway might be the commercial center of Western Ireland, but Sligo and Donegal have real soul, some amazing literary connections, and are close to beautiful coastal scenery and wind-whipped beaches begging for a long walk.
10. Don’t forget Northern Ireland: A tumultuous, troubled history has given way in favor of a youthful, fresh feel with a focus on cultural revival.  There are ancient castles and historic sites to easily rival the south. Derry/Londonderry is not be missed – this walled city made my list of the top 10 places for a female solo traveler.



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